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Consulting Services

PACE Consulting works with non-profits organizations, schools, corporations and government agencies and provides consulting services in the areas of program development and management, crisis services for employees and clients, staff and manageme..

Direct Counseling Services

At PACE Consulting, we believe in helping our clients as they go through various changes and transitions in their life. We help them to identify strengths and find solutions to meet their challenges. This comes in the partnership we establish in ..

Educational Services

School Based Mental Health Services PACE believes that children who are mentally and emotionally healthy perform better academically and socially. This is why we provide counseling services on site at schools. In addition to counseling, our sch..

Temporary Clinical Staffing

PACE recognizes that continuity of behavioral health care is very important to any school or organization that provides this service. Due to this reason, PACE serves as an agency that can fill the “gap” when a clinician is unavailabl..


PACE provides informational and valuable workshops and trainings to government agencies, corporations, universities, schools, community-based and non-profit organizations. We develop the material for our trainings and tailor them specific to our..

“Enriching the lives of children, youths, adults and families”

PACE Consulting provides consulting servicesdirect counseling serviceseducational services, temporary clinical staffing and workshops/training across the Washington, DC metro area.

MDOT-Certified MBE/DBE | EDWOSB | MD Certified Small Business Reserve

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